We deeply regret to announce that Gail Sprung, beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend to all who practice taichi has passed away. Her classes in Oakland and Piedmont are now carrying on with her dear colleagues.

Tai Chi Classes offered in Oakland, CA and Piedmont, CA

Our Internal Arts practice includes Meditation,  Qigong,  and  Tai Chi Chuan. providing the path to internal calm and tranquility, and harmonizing the internal and external.  With practice we become softer and stronger, more relaxed and at the same time more aware.

The Meditation practice teaches us to cultivate the chi, and the Tai Chi form how to impart the chi.  Principles learned in the Meditation, Qigong, and Tai Chi Chuan are applied to the partner work. Pushing Hands practice, sometimes referred to as Sticking Hands takes us on our journey of softness and yielding,  and learning to use “no force.” After learning the Tai Chi form, students may study the Taiji sword form and the Taiji fan form. 

In all our practice we seek tranquility in motion, and move closer in our efforts to live and be in harmony, and through the Internal Arts to find the path to Health and Enlightenment.

The curriculum of Harmony Taiji follows the system as taught by Master Sam Tam.    Instructors Gail Sprung, Starfire, and Ted Burton study with Master Tam.

Gail Sprung, Instructor